Celebrating Our 75th Anniversary
Roadmap To Success

75 years ago, Mid-Continent Group was founded on the principles of customer focus and fairness. We are excited to celebrate this milestone and all we have built our business on. We plan to continue our commitments to sustainability, quality, and innovation. Thank you for trusting us with your business now and throughout the years. Enjoy this video we created to commemorate the occasion.

Barry Leahy, President, Chief Operating Officer

A message from the President of Mid-Continent Group

"As we celebrate our 75th anniversary, providing specialty commercial insurance and surety products, I want to pause, reflect, and thank agencies, policyholders, employees, and community who helped us get here. As we look ahead to the next 75 years, we will challenge ourselves to redefine the future of insurance by creating more value, more convenience and forward-thinking insurance solutions for our insureds. Cheers to all of you!"

- Barry Leahy, President, Chief Operating Officer

Because our yesterdays tell an important story about our tomorrow, we invite you to see how Mid-Continent Group has grown throughout the past 75 years. We look forward to continuing down this road of success with you.