Who needs Cyber Risk Endorsement?

In today’s business environment, technology is often the key to success. Unfortunately, there are hidden risks associated with technology that are not covered by traditional insurance. Cyber Risk Endorsement is essential for any business that:

  • Uses the Internet
  • Has a website
  • Accepts electronic payment
  • Keeps personal data on clients/employees
  • Issues laptops, tablets and/or smartphones to employees

With Mid-Continent's cyber endorsement you'll get:

Cyber Endorsement designed for small and medium-sized business

Our cyber endorsement is easy to explain and easy to understand. We have the flexibility to offer our Cyber Endorsement on admitted and surplus lines products.

Exceptional customer service

MCG underwriters are dedicated to your success and it shows in our exceptional customer service.

24/7 incident response

The cyber claims team is available for claims notification 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to prevent and mitigate cyber losses.

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Cyber Risk Endorsement Fact Sheet

Cyber Claim Card