Pollution Liability Coverage for Underground Storage Tanks with the TankOwners Pollution (TOP) Policy

Mid-Continent Group (MCG), completed an asset purchase of PRO Managing General Agents, Inc. and Tank Owners Members Insurance Company, to acquire the TopTanx® and TOMIC book of pollution liability business in January 2018. Upon purchase, Mid-Continent performed an in-depth assessment of the TopTanx®, TOMIC, and MCG books of tankowner pollution liability. To integrate all coverage forms and provide the best product available, Mid-Continent created a new TankOwners Pollution (TOP) liability policy.

Effective January 2019, the TopTanx®, TOMIC, and MCG books of business will be merged into one, and the new TankOwners Pollution Liability policy will be offered to all our policyholders.    

Highlights of TOP Pollution Liability Coverage

  • Claims-made policy
  • Limits up to $1 million per pollution incident and $2 million annual aggregate
  • Both UST (underground storage tanks) and AST (above-ground storage tanks) are eligible, including waste oil tanks
  • Eligible tanks: 0-44 years old
  • Updated/upgraded tanks may be eligible for credits
    • Upgraded tanks include new linings, self-contained systems, co-structural updates and/or new piping and ancillary systems

  • Coverage is tank specific, not location, meaning specified tanks are insured at a scheduled location (facility)
  • Retroactive dates will be location (facility) specific
  • Deductible options: $5,000, $10,000, $25,000
  • Deductible will be location (facility) specific
  • Optional coverage for repair or replacement of tanks, subject to a $25,000 limit, is available (a covered pollution incident must occur to activate this option)
  • Extended reporting periods of 1, 2, or 3 years are available